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Campbells Data Marketing is the marketing services division of Road Transport Media. Our sole focus is generating qualified leads for our customers.

Most businesses recognise the benefits of well-maintained customer and prospects lists, but with stretched resources and sales teams quite rightly focussed on new sales opportunities rather than admin, the quality of your promotion lists can suffer.

Our marketing services team can take you through a straightforward process to get your data back into good shape and deliver qualified leads into the hands of your sales team.

Step 1 Clean up your existing prospect data with some simple but effective data tools.

Step 2 Enhance your prospects with information from our independently researched database of hauliers and own account operators.

Step 3 Fill in the gaps in your data with new target companies taken from our database.

Step 4 Use our market specialist telemarketing team to contact the prospects list using a script prepared specifically for your business.

Step 5 You get data back to your sales team with all the information they need to make their next contact as effective as possible

Campbells’ USP is its understanding of the road transport sector. Our database focuses on 140,000 transport operators with O-licences and more than 60,000 van operators. In 2014, our contact centre team spent more than 2,095 hours talking to commercial vehicle operators.

The combination of our contact centre team and our data and IT team means that Campbells is best-placed to provide data-based marketing solutions to those targeting the operators of trucks and vans.

Our systems and processes are audited by the Direct Marketing Association.

Campbells was founded in 1991. In 2013, it was purchased by Road Transport Media, the owner of road freight bibles Commercial Motor, Motor Transport, Truck & Driver, and Van Advisor, and the industry’s leading events Tip-ex, Tank-ex, the Motor Transport Awards and Quiet Cities.


The extensive combined experience of the senior management team from both companies has earned the respect of a long list of suppliers and ensured a regular flow of business. Our knowledge is as wide and varied as the industry we work in. Whatever your needs, we have the solution.

What clients can access

  • Campbells Data Marketing offers our independently researched database of commercial vehicle operators with O-licences.
  • All operators with 50 or more vehicles are contacted every 12-18 months.
  • Our targeting criteria are what the clients want; for example: fleet size, not number of employees; body type detail; and market served, not SIC.
  • Industry expert telemarketing team working on both inbound and outbound campaigns, and speaking to 7,000 hauliers per week.
  • We have an approachable and experienced technical team.


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